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We are simplifying the practice of law and bringing transparency to our clients.

We are not and never will be “big law.” We’re reimagining the practice of law from scratch to help our clients win, providing first-rate, world-class service at sensible rates. Our attorneys have deep experience in complex corporate transactions, intellectual property, employment, leveraged buyouts, corporate and individual tax, commercial real estate, governance, and corporate equity structures.

The cornerstone of our practice is a fanatical focus on client service.

In every matter we aspire to have clients who are delighted with the legal counsel they receive — and clients who actually like talking to their lawyers. Founded by lawyers who have led businesses and built organizations, Forefront is a firm that strives to say “yes, here’s how” rather than “no, that can’t be done.”




With a bench of attorneys drawn from the top ranks of AmLaw100 firms, Forefront has the expertise and ability to service all of the legal needs of our corporate clients.

We serve as outside general counsel to a majority of our clients, managing all of their legal needs from the tactical (customer contracts) to the strategic (capital formation and acquisitions).

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Our Expertise

Corporate Matters

The Forefront Law Group is regularly involved in large, complex and demanding transactions across the continent. We provide counsel to both private companies and publicly traded entities. Our corporate practice involves an array of matters, including:

  • Venture capital
  • Private equity and strategic investments
  • Cyber security and privacy
  • Real estate
  • Securities offerings and other capital markets transactions
  • Corporate governance and equity structures

General Counsel

We serve as general counsel to entrepreneurial and growth stage companies that have demanding and rapidly evolving legal needs. This work is often done under a subscription-based pricing model. While clients typically have one point of contact as their general counsel, we are able to handle the full range of client requirements across legal specialties through our roster of expert attorneys. Acting as general counsel, we coordinate closely with other departments in the client organization, taking on all aspects of our clients’ legal work, from employment matters to commercial contracts to intellectual property to taxation.

The outside general counsel role requires a more proactive, business-friendly mindset — a core strength of our lawyers. When we believe that the client’s interests are best served by using other expert counsel outside our network, we make recommendations and manage outside counsel on our client’s behalf.

Private Client, Family Office and Trusts & Estates

We work with private clients to provide comprehensive services relating to their family’s affairs and the unique needs of their businesses. We have a depth of experience assisting executive and high net worth individuals in personal planning, maximizing their returns, developing advantageous corporate structures, and minimizing tax consequences.

  • Assisting executives in personal planning.
  • U.S. and international/cross-border estate planning
  • Wealth succession planning
  • Family-owned and closely held business consulting
  • Advising on tax issues and strategies
  • Trustee and other fiduciary services
  • Representation of trust beneficiaries of family dynasty heirs
  • Family mediation and dispute resolution

Commercial Real Estate and Leasing

Forefront represents both tenants and landlords in the negotiation and drafting of leases for all types of commercial real estate. We handle all issues that may arise from the landlord/tenant relationship, as well as such other matters as assignments and subleases. We also serve as counsel to real estate ventures and partnerships that require specialized expertise in real estate law.

Licensing and Intellectual Property

Many of our clients have proprietary intellectual property at the center of their businesses. We help them protect that core asset, and we help them monetize its value through licensing and other commercial opportunities. We currently handle licensing work on behalf of clients in music, fashion technology, and business information services.


Our specialists advise clients on the tax aspects of financings, employee options and profits interest, reorganizations, acquisitions, joint ventures and restructurings. Tax considerations often dictate the most efficient structures of transactions and legal expertise in tax is a crucial ingredient for a successful outcome. Our tax group is also involved in creating new financial products and in innovative real estate transactions.


Alternative Fee Arrangements

Forefront is committed to pricing that delivers value, encourages the optimal use of legal resources, and aligns our interests closely with those of our clients. In many cases Forefront and its partners own equity in the companies we serve. In every case we strive to be creative and flexible to adapt to the needs of growing companies.

Our goal is to remove barriers to the optimal use of legal counsel, making it easier for clients to seek help when needed. We endeavor to structure fees to achieve that goal and to align our own interests with those of our clients. We may initiate a relationship based on hourly fees as a way of establishing a baseline for more creative pricing in the future. Only as a last resort do we revert to a standard hourly fee model for the long run. Examples of creative fee arrangements include:


Fixed Fee
Under a fixed fee arrangement, Forefront receives an agreed-upon fee for handling a certain matter or set of matters. Such arrangements give clients both certainty and predictabililty in their legal costs. Fixed fee arrangements are particularly useful in transactions such as capital raising, venture funding, and other lending or financing matters.

Subscription Fee
Under a subscription fee arrangement, the client pays a fixed fee every month for an unlimited amount of routine legal services (excluding major transactions or litigation). Such arrangements can be tailored to fit individual clients by defining the scope of the legal services covered by the arrangement. In many cases, we will work for several months on an hourly rate basis to set a baseline for the subscription fee going forward. Subscription fee pricing is typically reviewed quarterly or semiannually to stay in line with the evolving legal needs of the client.

Contingent Fee
Under a contingent fee arrangement, the firm typically receives an agreed-upon percentage of any financial recoveries won in a lawsuit. If no financial recovery is won, the firm does not receive a fee. Such arrangements are useful for clients who cannot afford to assume the risk of an unfavorable outcome, particularly in litigation.
At Forefront, we are committed to exploring innovative fee structures that meet the needs of its clients. We welcome any and all proposals that help make it easier for clients to work with our firm.

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