Forefront is a disruptive and entrepreneurial firm with a fast-paced national practice. We aim to train and deploy world-class lawyers in our modern practice.

Attorneys and Advisors

We’ve gutted the traditional law firm of all of its inefficiencies and built a lean meritocracy where attorneys with talent, aspiration and an entrepreneurial bent will be energized and rewarded. Every attorney at the Forefront is a “partner” in the sense that we issue equity to all of our lawyers. We are committed to building a rewarding and engaging form of practice for our attorneys. Our core group of attorneys is supported by a growing network of partner-level independent experts who are masters of their craft in areas like intellectual property, employment, and taxation. Our firm is uniquely suited for lawyers who want to practice “on the Forefront” of the profession.

Summer Associates

Summer associates will find a program that’s more than just an extended interview. We emphasize mentoring along with substantial client contact and important work to give our summer associates real world experiences.

The Right Balance

Law practice can be intense and demanding. We hire quality people who excel in the face of adversity; however, we also have lives outside of law. We recognize the importance of our families. We encourage pro bono work and to volunteer for programs that enrich the lives of other people and the communities we serve.

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